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Staying at Home


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At the moment schools are following Government rules. This is because the Government doesn't want the Corona Virus to spread to everyone. Most children will be OK and will be OK to go to school. Some adults are old or are already ill with something else and they might not be ok with Corona Virus.

So some children might be ok in school and will continue to attend, some children might have to stay at home. If you are a child that has to stay home, then school will tell your parent/carer what you need to do.

School might send work home for you?
School might give parent/carer work for you to do at home.
Your parent/carer might offer to help you with your work?
The Government will tell schools what they need to do to keep people safe.
The Government will let schools know when they can let their pupils/students back into school.

Try to do your school work at home, try to accept help from your parent/carer. Try to do some things that you like to do too. Your parent/carer might offer some alternatives for contacting your friends remotely using technology?

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